Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mrs Belmot's carbon footprint

Advertising idea: record an MP3 of you shouting something like "BUY STORK MARGARINE" and play it loud through speakers in public places (buses, pavements, toilets, orphanages, etc.).

If someone says "Yes, I will," then there's a microphone which detects this, recognises your voice and posts you a pack of margarine (hopefully not through Tesco - their delivery service was contemptable when I used it).

This is called digital outdoor advertising and is a great way of interacting with consumers at THEIR level. Other great things to advertise in this way would be stamps, petrol and building materials. The key is to play the adverts LOUD so everyone can hear them.

Make sure you have voice recognition software in place before attempting this though - I've been burnt by this before.

Alan (surname unknown) left today. Some relative (female) came and picked him up to take him to the doctor. He'd lost a LOT of weight but this is no bad thing. He was much fatter than is healthy, in my amateur's opinion. A real bloater, although sadly not any more.

Anyway, he's gone so now we need to get some carpet-fitters in to quote for replacing the carpet in the bathroom. Herman says the stains remind him of the 60s. I don't know what he means but it's a DISGRACE. A major part of my brain regrets having Alan (surname unknown) to stay.

On the plus side, he ate 7 times his body weight in Milork and Belmot Jam. Using a metaphor, the cloud (Alan) STANK and ruined the carpet, but had a silver lining (got rid of surplus food taking up space in the garage).

I have NOT been innundated with people signing up to my campaign to keep the internet tidy. Come on! We really need to reduce the 'carbon footprint' on this one.

Incidentally, I reduced the 'carbon footprint' of our lounge by putting the kettle, microwave AND toaster on the coffee table. The extra heat generated means that I can turn the radiator down in there (although it's gone UP in the kitchen to compensate). Good news for the planet all round.

No more windmill news yet.


The AdLads said...

Mrs. Belmot we love you!!
More windmills please!!

Also your thoughts on whether it's worth going to Miami Ad School to do the Account Planning Boot Camp (vs. simply trying to get a job in a planning centric agency) would be most worthwhile.

Mrs Belmot said...

The use of double exclamation points is a clear indicator that the windmills are making you endorphin-ly happy!!

You can certainly buy things in America for half the price they are in England, so order boots ONLINE.

What the Yanks know about planning can be written on the back of an envelope (look at the 'planning' of the Iraq war.

British is best.

That goes for meat products too.