Thursday, January 25, 2007

The BBC jam is muck

Blog-a-log-a-bog (this HASN'T caught on anywhere else - I don't know why I bother).

Here's a great idea I posted on Benji and Elliot's blog (no need to go there as I've written it out below):

No-one likes to run around in public in their pants, so schools should have vending machines selling spare PE kit to pupils who forget to bring theirs in.

They could pay a small fee (£45) OR get it free if they put advertising stickers on it (a real life version of AdSense). The amount of stickers you agree to wear changes the cost of the kit.

This is also a great way for APPROPRIATE brands to target children, eg:

In the winter, companies with a long name could sponsor scarves. Anyone with five words in their name do gloves. Obvious. Case closed.

No word from the BBC about my pitch for 'Trotter'. Mentioning no names, but some people haven't got the sense to commission something EXCELLENT when it's given them on a plate.

The recipes section on their website is rubbish too. Impenetrable AND dull. I tried to make sausage and mash with fig jam and it just ended up as sausage, mash and fig jam. Simultaneously a small AND a big difference. Due to the quantities I used, we've been having it for breakfast since last August.

I gave a lot away for Christmas but most came back, which pleased Herman no end - he loves the muck.

I caught him speading it on sausages once which seemed plain WRONG.

Someone has been ringing the doorbell SOLIDLY for the last 35 minutes and Herman knows for a FACT that I'm blogging on the internet (BOTI) = not to be disturbed. I wish SOMEONE would "do the maths" on this one.


Anonymous said...

Sausage & Mash with fig jam. Splendid. First chuckle for some time. Thanks

Sam said...

Mrs B let's talk to Herman about me taking you out for some fancy dinner and pleasant conversation

Mrs Belmot said...

Firstly, the jam is no laughing matter if you've had it for breakfast for nearly six months. It's monotonous.

Secondly, a fancy dinner = yes, but pleasant conversation = unlikely if Herman's invited! He hasn't got a CLUE about Web You, brand values or podcasting.

The last dinner party we went to, he ate FAR too much and fell asleep "with a bloat on" in Derek and Anne's front room. In fairness, Derek keeps the heating up too high.

Probably to do with his thyroid problem (his eyes are MASSIVE).

Sam said...

That's what I mean Janet, you and me ALONE. It'd be fab

Anonymous said...

Oh mrs Belmot you do have a way with words. Kissy Kissy

Anonymous said...

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