Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A glimpse of the future

This picture will no doubt TERRIFY a lot of people - this is because it's a representation of the future: something which a lot of people are scared of.

In response to Richard's query about whether the internet was ever in black & white, I've gone ONE better and designed a concept we can all start planning for now. Behold a glimpse of the future!

In line with current future concerning (ie worrying about things which MAY happen but haven't yet), I've pulled together the very latest concepts which I'd better explain because most people aren't clever enough to understand:

  • It's basically a microwave with the cosmos in it. You don't have to use a Sunbeam microwave, but I have.
  • It's got legs - this is to allow for evolution.
  • The lightening bolts coming out of the top are the NEW internet. These will not be visible in the future, but they look GOOD on a picture.
  • Notice how small the people are - this is purely in comparison to the size of the internet.
  • Once you think of what you want, the internet understands this and delivers it through the microwave door.
  • The dials become digital radio tuners (although I can't imagine how anyone could reach them - maybe if the legs bent down).
  • It's broadcasting INLINE, not online. NO-ONE knows what this means, but it will work in the future.

If you're building a forward-looking advertising campaign, make sure you budget for this new media.

Still no sign of Herman's unwanted radio ham guest. Hopefully the snow has put him off for GOOD.

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