Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Robots don't help the French

Look at this picture of a robot. If this makes you want to buy a French car there's something wrong with you, in my opinion. I think the natural reaction would be to explode it (with the appropriate permission).

This is a GREAT example of TERRIBLE advertising. For some reason, Citroen think this might make everyone want to jump in and go for a ride - a ride of automated terror, is my opinion of what you would REALLY receive.

Herman says he saw plans for something similar when he was in the army but he's a terrible liar for things like this. He probably just saw a big van and didn't pay attention.

Here's my round-up of the internet for what's hot at the moment:
  • The BBC says the weather will be cold for a few days
  • I've changed my signature on Brand Republic and exposed their editor as being LAZY. Scoop!
  • There's not much happening in Dorking, unless it's going on behind the scenes (unlikely - our city council is beyond reproach)
  • A big argument about blogging killing planning has just finished at Adliterate. I had the last word, which is always the most important one
  • Still no update on the WORST website I've ever come across. It's just one picture! What a waste of the internet space.
That reminds me, I forgot I was going to pitch for 'new business' to a rubbish brand with some classic Mrs Belmot winning strategies. I got side-tracked writing to the BBC:


Here's my GREAT idea for a spin-off series for David Jason/Derek Trotter:

Programme: TROTTER

Concept: Rodney Trotter and Cassandra have died! Derek Trotter becomes a private detective based in Peckham. Every week he cracks a typically 'East-end' case (like stolen veg from a market stall; Denzel has misplaced a betting slip; a single-mother is assaulted in an underpass).

Every week Derek solves the case and gets a clue about how Rodney died, so he says "This time next year, I'll have solved that murder".

The clever bit is that all the characters are established (no need for a pilot) and David Jason plays Frost on ITV so he knows how to do detective acting.

You can have this for free, but I'd want my name high in the credits (ideally in a bigger font than everyone else).

Best wishes,


Still no sign of the Morse Toad. Like a lot of radio hams, he's LITERALLY all talk and no trousers. Apart from getting up four times in the night to check the front door was locked, Herman seems to have forgotten the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

Mrs Belmot
Best not to help the French the've never forgiven us for Agincourt

Mrs Belmot said...

I've never seen a SINGLE French website, so I would estimate they are approximately 15 years behind the English when it comes to great internet thinking.

This would actually explain a lot, especially why I've never had a comment from a 'Frenchy'.

Once they get the internet and then understand it, I'd expect a slow uptake due to their less clement weather.

Scots News said...

With Olivier dumping Kylie, is this both bad judgement and anti colonial?

Pierre said...

Olivier does not speak for France.
If robots build cars perhaps they will buy them.

Mrs Belmot said...

The chances of a robot buying a car are slim as they have no money.

Actually, the machines which make coins and also fruit machines; vending machines AND cash machines are all full of money, so maybe it's only a matter of time.

The worst of it is, they'll be in cahoots with the speed cameras.

It's best NOT to encourage this, if you get the opportunity.