Friday, January 26, 2007

There isn't a Marketing Director in my toilet

Here's a tip for everyone:

If you're a socially backward radio ham, don't accept at face value an invitation to someone's home. Their wife will NOT want you to come and stay.

If you DO come and stay, try taking your filthy shoes off and not treading dirt into all the carpets in the house. You could also make SOME effort to keep the conversation going.

Herman's elusive 'Morse Toad' (real name Alan something) arrived yesterday. We'd have met him much earlier but he'd been standing in the back garden for nearly an hour "waiting for someone to come out".

Eventually he stopped standing in the mud (Herman hasn't re-seeded yet) and came to the front door. He doesn't say much and it took some time to find out what he wanted. He just kept saying "It's Alan" VERY quietly, which was self-evident after the FIRST time he said it.

Anyway, he doesn't have ANYTHING in common with Herman, who took himself off to the shed as soon as he could. Then Alan sighed a lot but still said nothing (a clear indicator of RUDENESS). As he hadn't taken his shoes off, I could NOT invite him into another room.

After an HOUR of standing in silence in the hall I had to go to the toilet (although I told Alan I had a meeting with a Marketing Director upstairs). When I came back, he'd made himself at home in the lounge (shoes and all).

On another topic (or AM I?), if you're an unwanted house guest and you get Milork for a starter (in a bowl) AND a main dinner course (on a plate), you'd be VERY rude to turn it down if someone generously offers it to you as a bedtime drink (in a mug).

Anyway, Alan went to bed at about 8.00pm last night and didn't get up until gone 10am today. Not that Herman knew. He stayed in the shed until 2am hiding and was back out there at 6am. I don't know HOW he managed in the Army. I'm beginning to wonder what he means when he talks about 'active service'.

Alan got jam for breakfast (the garage is full of it, so it's not really generous).

His presence is ruining my 'new business' plan and he knows NOTHING about Digital as the way of the future. Fool.

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