Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Hi viewers!

I've recently had a lot of queries from people all trying to find root beer in the shops but failing. I don't know WHY they think I've got some. Maybe it was all the talk of vending machines.

Anyway and MORE importantly, there's definitely a gap in the market for root beer and not just one gap. There are so many root vegetables that the range of beers on offer is potentially BIG.

I predict that carrot, parsnip and sweet-potato beers would be guaranteed best sellers.

The concept also suggests a range of herb pop, such as Tarragonade, Parsleyade and Sage-a Cola. Cumin milkshakes would NOT work. Basically a poison.

However, I think the biggest breakthrough could be in the area of potable meat drinks. For example, if you liquified a pork chop (using a Magimix) then you could DEFINITELY combine this with milk and sell the product as a 'turnkey' solution to your daily intake of protein, calcium and pork.

I'd call it Milork.

The logical extension being that you'd pour this on your cereal or heat it up and use it as gravy OR a bedtime drink. Other products could be:
Organic Milork (made from free range pigs)
Diet Milork (uses skimmed milk)
Milork MAX! (same as above but for men - use black packaging)
Milorkenade (carbonated)

My husband has said it sounds like a delicious idea so I'm going to make him some diet Milork tonight and I'll let you know the results. Fingers crossed! He says he wants it warm.

Let me know if YOU want some Milork and I'll post the recipe or even post some REAL Milork!

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