Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Paint; dog; toilet seat; apology; code; McKellern

Apparently there's a new paint advert on television now. I REALLY hope it's a Dulux one as I love that fluffy dog! My husband won't let me have one as he's worried it might outlive us or p** on the lawn. He's refused to clear p** up even though we DON'T have a dog at the moment.

On the subject of paint, has anyone else painted a room totally in gloss and regretted it later? (It makes it easier to wipe down, if you were wondering about pros and cons).

I think the woman who hoovers us has also loosened the toilet seat (unintentionally or otherwise). I KNOW she uses our facilities when I'm out of the house and now the seat has a lot more lateral give in it than ever before. It's very disconcerting. If you lean to one side (as you do!) the seat jerks under you as if it's being pulled by an unseen and cruel hand.

There is NO string or rope connected, in case you thought you had solved the mystery. The seat is loose and that's all there is to it.

I'll definitely take a photo of this and post it as soon as I can (ASAIC). I'd really like opinions on this though.

A lot of this blog seems to have been about unsanitary things, so I apologise. It 100% wasn't meant to turn out like this. The devil is in the planning, as they say!

I've also noticed another connection:
I mention a dog here AND in previous posts.
Andrex use a dog to advertise t*ilet paper.
I've also mentioned my t*ilet.
Is there a connection there? It's like the Da Belmot Code by Dan Brown! The book was ROTTEN and I haven't seen the film but can't wait!

Ian McKellern is the same in everything he does - and that "same" is watchable! Ha ha!

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