Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Keep the internet tidy

Hello to ALL my blog readers!
I'm starting a new campaign today to keep the internet tidy.

Have you any idea how much RUBBISH there is on the internet? If there was a unit of rubbish, I would estimate the internet to have 5,000 completely RUBBISH units (if not a lot more - no one knows for sure).

Chances are, you'll probably be disappointed by the quality of what you see on the internet and this does NOT release endorphins in your brain to make you feel brilliant. Medical internet fact.

The amount of rubbish has grown, especially with the arrival of Web You (also known as Web 17). You don't have to really understand it as long as you can look at this picture which makes it clear:

My blog is the red X - it's very low on the 'Rubbish' axis (also could be called the axis of evil, according to my husband).

So, in conclusion, there are too many rubbish blogs and websites created by enthusiastic but un-talented AMATEURS. This damages the web for everyone, including the proles.

Solution: if you find a RUBBISH website, email the creator and tell them to get it off the internet NOW. It's like finding dog p** on the pavement, spoiling your walk (browse) along the street (internet). Keep the internet tidy!

You can also 'name and shame' people all over the rest of the internet using forums or even your own blog!

I'd assume that things like Google will actually thank you for making their life easier (less dross for them to read every day).

Wouldn't it be GREAT to own a windmill? That'd be just about the best way to open a conversation with anyone. "I own a windmill".

I can practically GUARANTEE that owning one would release endorphins in your brain AND in other people's brains. I'm literally laughing with happiness just thinking about it. Ha ha ha!


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Keeping the internet tidy

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