Thursday, February 01, 2007

The police have missed a trick

I had a GREAT idea this morning while looking at the fridge.

It's for a concept I've branded the iCar (calling things with an i at the front is DEFINITELY in vogue. Do it now, if you haven't already started). It would look like a normal car:

But the BIG difference is that it has a USB port towards the rear on one side (see schematic above for detailed info).

This would allow the 'driver' to download petrol from the internet and food from internet shops right into the boot (Sainsburys. Not Tesco). In the future, you'd be able to find your destination on Multimap, connect your iCar to the internet and woooooosh! You'd just be there through wireless broadband technology!

Ha ha!

It's all SO obvious when you've thought about it (like I have). The proles won't cotton on to this one for YEARS, so don't let the naysaying idiots stop you from getting a USB port fitted. I've asked my husband to take our car down to the MOT centre to see what they can do (I'm expecting nothing - they've got the sense of chimps down there).

If he gets no joy, he's going to try PC World instead. He's got a copy of the technical photo above, so a qualified IT Mechanic should be able to do the job.

Incidentally, the Surrey Police Authority were stupid not to copyright the phrase "PC World" as this would be a GREAT Branding opportunity for the local police station. See also "Cop Shop".
Maybe they could steal a march and register iPC World.

Alan is still in the toilet more than he's out of it, but we're really getting quite fond of having him around. The smell is basically unhuman now though and we wish he would just leave.


zoqi1234 said...

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Mrs Belmot said...

In many respects, you're right: it IS a VERY good article.

However, your gift is definitely RUBBISH. I'd suggest you spend a LOT more time on the preparation AND the delivery.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't an ethernet port be better?

Mrs Belmot said...

In many ways: YES.

But I've limited myself to only dealing with technology that currently exists, not future-gazing sci-fi hokum pokum.

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