Friday, February 09, 2007

I've done the "maths"

Sometimes there is a thing which is so obvious that ANYONE could think it but no-one does. This is what gurus and experts call a "no-thinker". A GREAT example would be to re-brand all police stations 'PC World'.

Because I HAVE thought of a lot of obvious things, here's a list of Belmot's Brainers to save you having to do the "maths":

Mr T should advertise tea. You could call him Mr Tea.

Also Bruce Forsyth could advertise tea because he looks 'chimpy'.

Barbara Cartland could endorse carts and sell them through a shop called Cart Land.
Russ Abbott should be the face of Toys 'R'uss. Ideally, he should be dressed like an abbott in the adverts:

Keep Les Dennis away from anything - he'd be brand poison.

Simon Cowell could be the face of Budgens. I just have a hunch it would work.
Fidel Castro should be the face of cigarettes. Any brand would work - they're all the same.

You might not grasp the concept behind most of these but trust me - I've done the research AND the planning. These would all 100% work.

If you can think of any "no-thinkers" you've done the "maths" on, let me know!

In other industry news, I've been approached by a website which is worried it could be rubbish and asked for my advertising expert opinion. Read my GREAT (and so far un-invoiced for) advice at the Brand Republic Forum.


The AdLads said...

Mrs B, we're trying our damndest to make you win January's post of the month, in the meantime if Herman gives you some time off, could you have a look at our blog? Thanks and where are the windmills?!?!!!? (More than 2 exclamation marks indicates we are extremely excited!!)

Mrs Belmot said...

I will DEFINITELY look at your blog eventually as part of my 'organising the internet' (ie writing it down in my phone pad).

Do make sure it's tidy before I look though or it could make it onto Janet's blacklist.

This actually quite pretty as I write in silver ink on black sugar paper. In many ways, nicer than my goodlist.

The Dating Coach said...

Strong work mrs B.

I've 'made my voice count' and voted!

Can't help feeling an online photo would send your results skyward

Anonymous said...

Ayrton Senna could always endorse tyres and Nikki Lauda sun block?

Anonymous said...


"Also Bruce Forsyth could advertise tea because he looks 'chimpy'."

Come to think of it, he does look remarkably like a chimp. Maybe he hasn't evolved enough.

I've seen a website devoted to these kind of metaphors, not necessarily ad-related, but one that I remember is Sir Francis Bacon, or France Is Bacon, with the map of France being covered with bacon. Fair goose, is what I say.

Lastly, I don't get the connection between Simon Cowell and Budgens, except for the fact that he looks a little bit like a budgie.

Mrs Belmot said...

Some things go BEYOND reason.

The Simon Cowell/Budgens connection is literally a hunch I have. ALWAYS trust your hunch.

This goes for police work too.