Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A long wait until eggy December

It's July 10th which is BRILLIANT news for fans of Christmas. We've got the most boring six months out of the way (well done everyone) and we're DEFINITELY getting closer and closer to the big day!

It's only another month and a half before we're allowed to get the decorations out again, but if you're struggling to labour through the rubbish summer months here's some practical advice on how to get your festive juices wet NOW. Follow this plan and you'll literally hit the ground running when Christmas kicks off in September:
  • Close the curtains and turn the lights off at 6pm every night. This will trick your brain into thinking the days are getting shorter = getting near to Christmas.
  • Wear less clothes so you feel cold (like in winter) but IMAGINE that you're actually wearing more clothes (like in winter).
  • If this doesn't work, wear more clothes (like in winter) and use your imagination to make you feel colder (like in winter).
  • If you wear more clothes you may suffer heat exhaustion, so your imagination will REALLY have to be up to the task of feeling cold.
  • Not everyone can handle nog, especially egg nog. Prepare your stomach lining NOW with gentler nogs in time for "eggy December".
  • Good summer nogs include Ribena nog, water nog and chicken nog.

Now I come to think about it, one of my dining room chairs is STILL in the garden from last Christmas.

The noise in my garage has been unbearable for days. If it stays like this for another day, I'm DEFINITELY going to mount an investigation (look in the garage tomorrow).


Juan Moment said...

Hi there Mrs. Belmot, found anything in the garage?


Mrs Belmot said...

Unfortunately I did.

My husband is "at it" again. He left it alone since the 80s (when we were all "at it") but now he's started up again.

On a shame rating, it ranks as a 'crying' shame.