Friday, July 06, 2007

The casserole has worked medical magic

After coming back from Falaraki, both my husband and me have been suffering BAD jet lag. I haven't got a CLUE what time it's meant to be! We've also both come down with tickly coughs, possibly as a withdrawal reaction from rubbing Vicks all over for two weeks. On the Belmot illness scale this would rate as "irritating and persistent", also known as a "Vernon".

Killing two health birds with one medicine stone, I made a casserole for dinner last night but replaced the beef stock with Benylin to combat the cough AND create drowsiness. I also replaced the onion, carrots and beef with Benylin too, to guarantee 'impact' on the nervous system.

As a safety net, we also had warm milk (Benylin) before going to bed.

The results have been mixed but worthwhile. I slept like a baby and feel BRILLIANT today, although it's still hard to focus on moving or stationary objects. Sitting down still causes nausea. Herman also slept like a baby and had to be winded five times in the night. It was NOT pleasant for me or the air in our bedroom but he said it reminded him of being in the army.

Don't put ANY store by this kind of claim - he makes them all the time. I haven't a CLUE what he did in the army and he's a whopping liar. He gets all excited and makes boasts about killing this and marching over that.
Anyway, I made him scambled eggs (Benylin) for breakfast, so he's calmed down again (passed out in the driveway) which makes MY life easier.

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