Thursday, December 21, 2006

The chair has HAD to go into the garden

I had a terrible headache ALL day yesterday which I think must be some kind of 24-hour winter flu as it has now totally disappeared. My husband was very unsympathetic and told me LOUDLY that I had a hangover from the latest batch of mulled wine:

Everyone knows for a FACT that you can't get ill off mulled wine and I went on the internet to prove this. If you can find anything to support MY argument (not Herman's) let me know - I couldn't find a thing on the usual 'hot' sites (amazon, visitdorking, etc). The truth is out there but I couldn't find it. Case closed.

There's other good and bad news too. On the plus side, Herman DID spill the plate of beetroort juice all over himself and RUINED his blouse, as I planned.

On the bad side, he thinks the red stains make it look MORE festive and he's more determined than ever to keep wearing it. He also now won't let me wash it in case it ruins the colours. It stinks to high heaven and is definitely a woman's blouse. It buttons on the "woman's" side.

However, I have to admit it looks GREAT in a Christmassy way!

Another bad side issue was that, after spilling the juice down his front, he was so drowsy from the Benylin that he couldn't be moved and slept at the dinner table until about midday yesterday. Next time, I'll seek medical advice when I dose him. I was worried he wouldn't wake up until Boxing Day - then I'd REALLY have some explaining to do.

As it is, the chair he slept on seems to have 'suffered' from excessive heat and moisture. I've put it in the garden to air until the guests arrive on Monday.

I'm REALLY Christmas excited now. Not including today (as good as over and just wasting time until the BIG day), there's only two rubbish days left and then it's Christmas Eve (often better than Day as this is easily ruined by other people and ill-thought-out 'competitive' tv scheduling). I'm also about 10% sad because it's over a year until next Christmas.

It's VERY misty where I live, so if I don't see you in time and you're a blog reader, have a VERY merry Christmas. If you're not a blog reader, you won't understand what I'm talking about anyway and you're probably just wasting the internet for everyone else. Get off!

Herman's been in the bath for hours and I think he may have fallen asleep again. I hope he gets out soon. The last thing I need is to have to call a plumber to drag the bath into the garden for an airing.


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