Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I've organised the internet

Happy New Year AND hello, bloglookers.

I've been disconnected from the internet for what feels like a long time but was actually just a middle amount of time. Did I miss anything on the internet? My chair has wheels on it and I rolled over my dial-up modem and crushed it on Christmas Eve. Ruined. No internet for two weeks. I can't imagine how the Scots manage (someone check this for me).

My husband thought he could fix the modem but all he did was open it then put it in the bin. Typical. It's taken him this long to buy a new one.

There's a HUGE amount of blogging to be done to clear the Christmas backlog (or backBLOG).

In short, Herman didn't wear his man-blouse on Christmas day after he found it to be the cause of the massive and painful static shocks he'd been getting hourly since buying it. He was standing close to the Christmas tree lights and a fork of electricty arc-ed across his front, so we had visual proof of the cause. The smell was BAD but the outcome was GOOD.

I took the blouse off his body while he was unconscious and told him that it had vaporised when he woke up. He's not sharp so he didn't "do the maths". Fortunately, he's also fickle in his fashion tastes and has been wearing a butch chunky-knit sweater ever since.

If I was on television a lot, I would definitely make an effort to shed the pounds. That said, I enjoyed the Vicar of Dibley and I'm NOT in the public eye, so it doesn't matter on either count.

Other television I watched over the holiday period was:
Eastenders: predictable but dull - 2 stars **
Vicar of Dibley: see above - 4 stars **** ha ha!
Dr Who: impenetrable - 1 star *
Watership Down: a GREAT video - 4 stars **** (due for a remake, technically it's abysmal)
Jools Holland's Hoot Party: amateurish and on far too late. 2 stars **
John Carpenter's The Thing: terrifying. I don't know why ANYONE would want to own this - zero stars 0*

Actually, there wasn't much of a backblog at all.

I've been organising my side of the internet, and you can look at it here. So far, no-one has replied to any of my emails about what I think of their website, but I'll DEFINITELY post up a reply if I get one. If you want me to criticise your website, I'll probably come across it quite soon so do NOT bother to let me know about it.

If you rub the "2" from 2007 off any calendars, letters, magazines, bills, food sell-by-dates etc you get 007 and this makes it look like you have a spy connection!

I need to go to the tip AND the shops.


Adam said...

Happy New Year, Mrs Belmot!

Thank you for organising the internet over your Christmas break. Very thoughtful of you.

I was wondering... Do you think there might be space for a new ideas blog (mine)?

I've seen quite a few ideas blogs around the web. I'd like to join in!

I'm also wondering if you would be so kind as to write a tip sheet for us new bloggers. Perhaps giving us a summary of how you came to be the web's most sought after ideas consultants and how you keep up your creative energy.

I love reading your blog and I think your ideas deserve far wider recognition. Perhaps if you added more outward links to your blog and commented on other people's blogs then people could get to know about your work. I've seen many people have bookmarked you in leaving heartfelt praise in the comments field.

Anyway... any advice you could give us fledgling bloggers would be much appreciated.


Mrs Belmot said...

Hello Adam,

The GREAT thing about the internet is that there is always room for new blogs and adverts.

The bad side is that very few people have anything worth listening to (this OFTEN includes close relatives - they might mean well but their opinion is often worthless, even if you did marry them).

However, your idea for a tipsheet is a hot one (imagine the word "hot" in bold to get the effect). I will definitely do that.

So in conclusion:
Yes - definitely get a blog
No - don't let your husband convince you to blog about amateur radio or similar