Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How many miles to Facebook?

Hi blog-reader-lovers!

Everyone is fully aware that NO-ONE campaigns harder than me to keep the internet tidy. As President of the Internet, it's basically my job (it's not paid, so send "the readies" as a token of appreciation. I need the money).

Here's my latest policy decree which should drive through change and 100% deliver the bacon on the tidy front:

When you're driving in your car, you rely on signposts to tell you where to go. At the moment, everyone uses Google like the back of a road atlas to look up where things are. If we had more internet signposts, like in my technical plan above, we'd all know where to go and how many internet miles away it was.

It's the equivalent of being in Leatherhead and thinking "Phew! Only five and half miles to Dorking! I've got time to listen to 'You Can Call Me Al' AND 'Under African Skies' before I get there."

Of course, by the time you've navigated the ringroad, you could probably listen to 'The Boy in the Bubble' as well, but that's just local knowledge. You won't get this unless you know the area.

If everyone jumps onto the signposting bandwagon, it should REALLY sort the ham from the spam.

Meat sorting can also be invaluable in an offline environment when organising fridges and packed lunches. NO-ONE wants to prepare themselves to enjoy spam and find out in their mouth that they're really eating ham. It's a nasty jar for the brain AND the tongue.

Anyway, if you want to help the internet government's work, you can join the cabinet on Facebook.

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