Friday, March 16, 2007

Hot idea for a ROTTING brand

Here's a HOT idea which is 100% guaranteed to revive a DEAD brand and give Web-You afficionados a higher quality of web experience.

First of all, what's the point of Tipp-Ex now? NO-ONE uses it because there's no typewriters OR paper anymore. This is what I call a ROTTING brand: just taking up space on the shelves. I've got a bottle somewhere which is probably impossible to open because I've not used it since getting a computer.

Secondly, what's the WORST thing about the internet? Answer = it's a mess and it's FULL of rubbish.

Thirdly, put together two problems (see above) and what do you get? Answer = a GENIUS solution: Tipp-Ex for the internet!

Using either a USB port or a wireless router, put Tipp-Ex online and start getting rid of the RUBBISH that's filling up the web. At first, it would be handy for editing spelling mistakes, but later you could 'white-out' WHOLE websites which offended you (Tesco).

The ROI bacon is that you'll NEVER have to look at bad websites again AND Tipp-Ex comes back from the dead to be a MAJOR player in the new-world-web-order of web-enabled stationery. That's "pot black" for Belmot!
Someone get cracking on this NOW. If you want to imagine a graph of the current situation, picture 'demand' being high, but 'supply' at rock bottom.
Ha ha! It's all VERY simple if you're brain works like mine (unlikely, I spend a lot of time refining my thinking).

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