Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cleaning products CAN deliver bacon

Hold on TIGHT because today is a whistle-stop tour through the HOT news that I've been thinking about:
  • All windows should come with an advert for Windowlene written on them in wax. This would basically be invisble until the window got steamed up. Solution? Buy Windowlene!
  • Do EXACTLY the same thing for car windows, but advertising 'shammy' leather.
  • Public demand would then force Halfords to sell these products at traffic lights (GREAT point of sale supply (POSS)), if only to clear the filthy wax off the windscreen. The potential for traffic collisions would be HIGH but balanced out by sales of 'shammies'.
I'm going to test this out with a sample of the driving community (my husband). If he notices that I've written on our windscreen in wax (it was vanilla scented, but it does NOT have to be in future), then that's good. If he actually BUYS a 'shammy' leather then we'll ALL be eating bacon and that's 100% in stone.

Actually, I'll be surprised if he buys a 'shammy' leather as I only got as far as writing "HERMAN - CLEAN THIS MUCK OFF WITH A NAME BRAND CLEANER" before I ran out of space on the screen and had to move onto the bonnet. If he can see through the glass at all, it'll be a good but unlikely start.

Here's another cleaning product 'no-thinker' for you to fathom to its logical conclusion: Mr Sheen should be used as a mascot of the 'Eastern European' countries because he's Polish.

Ha ha HA! That works on at least two levels:

  1. Advertising common sense
  2. A GREAT joke

If anyone uses it, credit me VERY big. I've a STRONG suspicion I'm not getting the credit I deserve for a lot of my guru thinking. I need to start reaping cash FAST.

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