Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Olympics logo: rotten to the CORE

Sport news = whoever came up with the London 2012 Olympics logo must have two eye-patches on. Literally, an animal will tell you it's rotten to the core. The only silver lining is it makes we want to eat Shreddies, which I haven't touched since the 80s.

We've had nothing but Bran Flakes for the last 20 years to "iron out" Herman's bowels. If you're interested, it hasn't worked and it's monotonous.

More importantly, I've given the logo a HOT re-design utilising the visual AND marketing regions of my brain. YOU can vote with your feet and see which is best. Mine is the bottom one.

Hot pantomime news!

At best my script for 2001: A Space Pantomime could be described as 'in production'. If I was pushed, I'd describe it as 'on the scrap heap'. The best idea I've had so far was for Aladdin to have a space suit with curly-toe slippers and that will NOT sustain a 4-hour panto on its own.

More importantly, the football season is REALLY kicking in now. Ha ha! That's APPROPRIATE use of language (AUoL). I've a hunch that a LOT of Premiership football managers read my blog so they can pay attention to this:

If you can train dogs to do things when you whistle, you can eventually train footballers to "play ball" too (AUoL). Using subliminal mind-learn techniques, such as hypno-therapy and shouting, teach them to lie down in advertising formations whenever they hear a whistle blow. Here's an example:

Argos will have to pay through the NOSE for this kind of sport stunt. I've already invoiced them for the inclusion here.

My husband says that you will DEFINITELY lose games and respect if players lie down at every whistle-blow, but his opinion isn't worth PENCE anyway. He can't stop laughing at the two players forming the G in Argos. Being able to herd football players like sheep will earn you BIG kudos and the plaudits will come in when the time is right.

I WISH he would stop laughing about the G. It's like living with Ken Dodd.

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