Thursday, June 21, 2007

Greece versus Scotland

My agency (house) admin is in a SHOCKING state at the moment.

Last year, my husband and me were invited to a christening (only better than weddings in that they finish BANG on time, EVERY time). The tragedy in this story is that Herman spilled creosote on the invite when he was redecorating the downstairs loo, and we can't read whether we're meant to be going to Falkirk or Faliraki.

Common sense comes down HARD on Falkirk as Angus and Marion live there, but Herman has always had a yen to go to Faliraki so he's booked us two tickets on a budget airline.

The Faliraki yen is a big boast on his part as he's NEVER mentioning it in his diary in the last 27 years - I've really done the research on this one.

This is part of a MUCH bigger trend of lying about lifelong desires which aren't included in 'The Herman Documents' (his title for the diaries, not mine). Last week he claimed he had ALWAYS wished he could be hit by lightning, but I'm convinced he was just saying this to impress a competitively macho plumber.

Conclusion = the christening present is likely to be Ouzo, which will be MASSIVELY inappropriate for an infant, regardless of where the Scots really live. It doesn't matter though as they ALWAYS send a card when a gift would be more appropriate.


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