Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The garage is bonded into the stereo

Unless you're reading my blog and are simulataneously sat outside my house, you will NOT realise that the noise here is unbearable. If you are outside my house, you won't be able to think, so just keep an eye out for thieves for me, then move on.

Since Saturday, the neighbourhood has been 'treated' to Essential Garage 15, a CD which Herman got from Woolworths for £2 (although worth a lot LESS). I will NOT describe how Herman dances when this rubbish is on the stereo because it's both sordid and confusing.

Just when you think he's about to move his body in one direction, it goes in a different but equally unpleasantly-suggestive one.

Through a BAD combination of Unibond 'No More Nails' and Herman's impulse music buying, we now have a garage CD bonded into the stereo and stuck on full volume. The din is literally too loud for anyone to listen to. Fortunately, it's rhythmic so it's VERY easy to fall asleep to. Both Herman and myself have been napping almost constantly.

The silver lining is that Herman had originally gone to Woolworths for a 48-sided dice, so maybe his Dungeons & Dragons impulses have literally been put in the 'garage'! Ha ha!

I just wish he would stop telling everyone that he's "the only terminator on the mic" and "other MCs need to take a fright". He's been on the phone all morning.

The noise really is beyond comprehension and the speakers are SUFFERING. You can't fault Unibond though - their product is astonishingly strong. That's a five star***** product review.

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