Friday, April 13, 2007

The ball is on FIRE

The ball is DEFINITELY rolling and is literally on FIRE in terms of my completely new idea to put advertising in Harry Potter. I wrote to Bloomsbury publishing yesterday:

"I was wondering if it would be possible for product placement to appear in the next Harry Potter book? No one else has ever done anything like this so it would be a FIRST for both Bloomsbury and JK Rowling, which would create great PR for everyone.

I'm not a writer but I imagine it would be along the lines of:

"Hagid picked himself up off the ground and lumbered over to his iMac. Quickly logging on to, he managed to order ALL the books Hogwarts needed before the other teachers realised they were missing. They would arrive in a few days time if he chose express delivery".

I don't know if this will fit in with the new storyline. If we're too late to get the ball rolling for the next book, maybe we could have something in place in time for the following one?"

The heat from this idea is UNBEARABLY hot but I've had no reply yet. If it comes down to it, I may just print off hundred off extra 'pages' and insert them into the new HP book when it comes out. The staff at WHSmiths won't like this, but they won't have the wherewithall to do ANYTHING about it. That's just the power of advertising.

I haven't seen Herman for well over a week now, so I imagine the smell in the shed will be atrocious. I wouldn't have thought that radio hams had so much to talk about. They're NOT interesting people, as a rule.

It's also very mysterious because I received a postcard this morning from Penarth which just said "Wish you were here. Where are you?" in Herman's handwriting AND signed by him.

I'm assuming he's playing 'silly buggers' because the whole thing makes NO sense from start to finish. I hope it has nothing to do with Friday 13th - I've had a MOUTHFULL of malign spirits already this year, and it's only April!

Do NOT check in toy stores for a game called 'Silly Buggers' - you can't buy it. Also don't try faxing Waddingtons - you won't get anywhere. I never received a straight reply despite repeated faxing.

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