Thursday, February 22, 2007

Herman's legacy may be in the toilet

I've just been down the shops and seen Marmitey-Guinness, which made me think TWO things:
1) It's a waste of time as Marmite and Guinness taste IDENTICAL. Only connoisseurs and liars will tell you any different.
2) It's still a waste of time and it would have been better to have produced a paste which was time-saving AND tasty, such as Bovril and Smash (your RDA of beef and potatoes), or peanut butter and breadcrumbs (saves the need to spread on bread).
All day I've had to put up with Herman asking me about his 'legacy' and how he thinks future generations will view him. He keeps coming in from the shed and saying that he needs to do SOMETHING to safeguard his reputation in history. Then he forgets what he came in for (nothing at all) and goes back to the shed.
This sort of woolly thinking is a MASSIVE hinderance to my new business activities. I don't know WHERE he gets these ideas, but I'm DEFINITELY going to stop him from bringing ANY sci-fi material into the house (books, magazines, murals).

He's just come in and asked where we keep the "history materials".
I'm assuming he means the old newspapers and NOT his army uniform, so I've directed him to the toilet. It's like a branch of WHSmith in there most of the time.


FishNChimps said...

Connoisseurs would disagree with you - they are supposed to taste the same. Aren't Marmite and Guinness both made from yeast? I think Marmite was invented by using used brewing slops.

Mrs Belmot said...

Gordon Ramsey would literally KILL you if you made any food from slops, so best to keep this under your hat.

On the other hand, I can't of any other food which is made from slop, so this could DEFINITELY be a Unique Selling Point.

"Made from slops and NOTHING BUT slops!"

It's a shame it's not an advert for chops, as this would rhyme a treat.

FishNChimps said...

What about a brand extension into cough drops?