Thursday, December 07, 2006

More tinsel needed & my house is RED

I haven't been busy at all recently but I can tell you that mulled champagne is only partially good at BEST. Quite often it's cooled once it comes out of the Soda Stream and even then it's not very fizzy. Maybe I need some new gas or a carbonater that can really deliver in the hot wine department.

Further to David Jason ruining his career, apparently his new programme isn't even on ITV! That TV channel gets worse and won't listen to ANY lessons I tell it. Rubbish.

More importantly, I've really started to listen to Christmas songs properly now. I start putting on a few albums through November to bring my festive spirit up to speed, but now I listen to NOTHING ELSE.

I've also replaced most of our lightbulbs with red ones to increase festivities. Herman keeps saying it's getting him in the mood but not for Christmas. I don't understand and he WON'T explain, which is a pointless situation. He's been guffawing like an idiot about the conversations he's had 'on air' with other radio hams about how he lives in a house of fun.

Again, I agree but I don't think he agrees with what I'm agreeing about. I don't like radio hams talking about me, though. To my mind they're a bunch of luddite gossips, bound to a fading technology. Also, it's not downloadable like a podcast, which is the REAL issue.

We're having a dinner party this weekend so I'll need to go to the shops to get more tinsel. I think there's enough in the house for two people to look at, but we'll DEFINITELY need more if others will be looking. Too little is a clear indicator that someone hasn't made an effort.

I accidentally flushed a yard of blue tinsel down the toilet last year while decorating the pan. I WON'T do that again in a hurry!

Actually, I managed to pull it back out but it was unusable. I'd describe it as 'manky' if you want to picture it. Anyway, it's still in the decorations box but it's not coming out this year.

Last night I had a terrible dream that my boiler was broken. Pipes were coming loose from the immersion tank and water was going EVERYWHERE. Then I woke up and everything was alright. THEN I went back to sleep and dreamt I had a new boiler which worked perfectly and ALL the bad pipes were gone.

That's what I call a fast service! Ha ha!

I'll be interested to see if the internet stays on in between Christmas and New Year. I hope so - the TV looks rubbish!

One day, I predict that someone will write a guide like the Radio Times listing whats going on at the internet every week. Probably a magazine at first but then online (or even inline!)

This is my new word for whatever replaces online. I don't know how it will work but this is a GREAT name for it, so everyone adopt it now! Inline


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Mrs Belmot said...

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