Sunday, December 10, 2006

Five of the best - Xmas presents

Hello Gang!

I've had a LOT of people 'Ask(ing) Janet' about great ideas for Christmas presents so rather than reply to all the MANY emails I've been getting, I've consolidated my 'five of the best' here:

1) Talcum powder. I ALWAYS seem to be running out of talcum so any time I get given it for free is a God send. It's nicely scented, functional and has a good 'gifty' look to it. Good for anyone who likes to be really dry, not just towel dry.

2) Dundee cake*. It's a pet hate when people give me what I call 'clutter'. Hard objects which take up space in the home. Dundee cake is good because you eat it and it's gone. Job done. Good for anyone who likes heavy desserts and is 'space-poor'. Also good for bowels.

3) Anything big. It doesn't really matter what it is, as long as it's BIG. When you receive a BIG present all wrapped up, you feel like a million dollars! What is it? It's big! I'm going to open it and find out! Good for anyone who you'd describe as "style over substance" (the present itself is always disappointing after the impact of the BIG. Frankly, who cares).

4) A canal boat. I personally would love one and I can't think of anyone I know who would not like one. It also adheres to the third criteria above. They come in a range of different styles, but I bet we'd all want the 'classic' longboat style! Good for anyone with a yen to travel in a romantic and NOT a functional way. Bad for being over-run with rats, apparently (my husband has just walked into the room).

* Don't make the mistake I did. Last year I got an entire pallete load of Dundee cakes (approx 100 cakes) for £15 from a woman who works the checkouts at Tesco. I gave it to Pat's eldest and he ended up throwing most of it away in April. It rotted BADLY after being stored in his attic. Apparently it's caused some structural damage which I'm CERTAINLY not going to pay for, despite Pat's unsubtle hints.

Don't worry - she doesn't read my blog. I asked her


Simon White said...

I know I've missed this christmas, but in case the idea gets revived for next year, or anyone looks here for birthday present ideas, my friend builds canal boats to order. Not too expensive either. He had a big job at Masterfoods and quit to build canal boats. He's very good. I can supply details if needed. I bet he'd even gift wrap it if needed.

Mrs Belmot said...

This is a REASONABLY good idea but one which has sadly been superceded by emerging technologies.

A gift-wrapped windmill is currently the ONLY way to guarantee the 'wow' factor under the Christmas tree.

This ALSO requires an exceptionally large tree to get it under, but that just adds to the 'wow' factor.