Friday, November 17, 2006

Visual Representation of My Spirit

I am here again, blogreaderlovers.

I've been (appropriately) SNOWED UNDER with requests from people asking how Christmassy I feel at given points in the year. Hopefully this graph will clear things up AND put it on record once and for all.

You should be able to work out that I'm feeling very festive right NOW. But that will be NOTHING compared to how festive I'll feel on Christmas Eve itself!

The summer is a big waste of time as far as Christmas is concerned. Rubbish. I just wait until September when the decorations come out again!

I haven't done any more work on my forthcoming film yet apart from thinking of some clothes for the actors to wear.


A said...

Merry X Mrs B

Mrs Belmot said...

Merry Xmas to YOU too. At the moment, my festive spirit is increasing at an exponential rate (almost impossible to graph).

Remember - it's not Christmas yet but it will be soon, so be ready to be happier than you are in the rest of the year.