Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dorking could be on a map

I'm REALLY getting to grips with a new CAD (computer-aided-design) package I've found on my computer. Here's a picture I made demonstrating someone using the music facility of a FlyPod whilst re-fuelling the aeroplane facility.

I am DEFINITELY aware of two drawbacks of my initial FlyPod design:

1) The headphones have to be connected on the OUTSIDE of the aeroplane. This is potentially dangerous and could cause fatalities. I'm not sure how to get round this.

2) If you activate the portability function (ie start the aeroplane), it will be impossible to hear your songs. This is not fatal, but is DEFINITELY a flaw. Again, I'm unclear on the best way to get round this without compromising the portability function.

I've been literally inundated with someone wishing me a merry X. If YOU want to wish me a merry X as well, then feel free. I haven't yet received any real Chrsitmas cards, DESPITE having sent out all of mine at the end of October. I might re-send another batch at the start of December to trigger everyone's memories.

It's not a personal choice when you don't return cards - it's bad manners and could SPOIL Christmas. Don't be selfish this year (hint: Carol and John!).

Apparently there's a lot of pictures of earth taken from space which show where you are and EVERYONE likes looking at them. This made me have a GREAT idea.

In the future, town planners should plan roads so that they spell out the name of the town. For example, Dorking would be great because both the 'D' and the 'O' could be ring roads (currently a disgrace) and the rest of the letters could be residential areas. The 'i' would be the high street.

I'd use a dual carriageway to underline the name of your town if you wanted 'standout' from the common towns.

For the 'human interest' part of this blog I thought I'd let you know that Herman has decided to buy some new clothes. It's about time! He looks like a FOOL a lot of the time.


Adam (A) said...



How very dare you!

Mrs Belmot said...

I ALWAYS respect my clients and never reveal their identity in case it leads to online danger.

Remember, the key to this is the spirit of Christmas!

Anonymous said...

You are not right. I am assured. I can prove it. Write to me in PM, we will discuss.