Wednesday, November 08, 2006

England, war and diet tips

Hello blogreaders!

Just to be clear about an earlier post, the internet is on all the time in England. I haven't been able to test the internet in other countries so regional variations may apply. I would be VERY surprised if North Scotland, for example, needed the internet 24hrs a day.

Where else doesn't need things that the rest of us DEFINITELY need?

Resurrecting a VERY old but popular favourite, here is my daily food intake for Wednesday 8th November:
Weetabix with semi-skimmed milk for breakfast.
Quiche and salad for lunch. The quiche was too stodgy and NOT pleasant. I had 1 pint of Vimto with both meals.
I'm planning to microwave some beef for dinner and have it with baked beans and bread + butter. I will probably have Vimto again (1 pint).

If you are a chubby captain of industry (Martin!), you should eat LESS than this if you want to lose weight.

There is a LOT of talk in the "media" at the moment about people being fat. No one likes to be laughed at, so it's high time either the government or the future King did something about this. If there were better options for people to eat (Fatless Vimto, Diet Weetabix and Beef MAX) then we'd all be less portly.

When oh when are food companies going to WAKE UP and do something about this? And when will the government OR the royal family take note? They're in charge of us, after all.

If vending machines sold ONLY diet food, we'd have no option so that would 100% work. Come on! Someone do something!

My husband thinks national service would help but this is a short-term solution and only works if there's a war on. (Is there a war on?).

Actually, the last good war involved rationing of food, so maybe he's RIGHT for once.

Some guaranteed-to-work diet tips if you're tubby are:
  • Try to only eat food with the word 'diet' in front of it
  • Only reserve ONE space at the dinner table (Martin!)
  • Buy veg and eat it for once in your life
  • Eat less than you currently do (this is a DEAD cert)

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