Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ham against my will

My husband saw me "blogging" (is that a real word now?) and asked me to put some amateur radio ham post in his blog so his friends can see that he's on the internet.

This is rubbish and it's not even Herman's receiver! I would NOT bother looking at this. It doesn't work because it's not him either, so what a waste of time!

In answer to one of MANY questions about what I think the future of British Government will be, the answer of what I think is:
1) Tony Blair will stay as leader of the country until 2010.
With the backing of both his party AND the other parties, he'd be a fool not to. However, I think he will start charging everyone £1 (or whatever we're using in the future!) for people to vote. Maybe you could buy a voting card from a vending machine for £1? By 2010, we may well all have vending machines in our houses, which would save the need to go to the shops.

2) After 2010, Prince William (probably King by then) will assume the leadership.
This is self explanatory but I think we need to be careful. Where does he stand on local council issues (one-way systems; Christmas lights etc)? I'm also now concerned about fresh produce going rotten in my vending machine if I don't buy it for a while. Maybe it will be the new King's job to get the council to do something about this? I hope so: no-one wants a lot of rotting food in their house (or their vending machine).

I had a good think about this but, if you see any flaws in the argument, let me know YOUR comments!

DON'T mention the radio hams. I think they've had enough 'air time' already. Ha ha ha!

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