Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Is it too much pork?

I've been absolutely snowed under with requests from people asking specifically if my future in-house vending machines will defnitely supply voting cards and fresh produce. Most people also wanted to know if anything else would be on offer like DVDs, petrol and clothing. The answer is I don't know because I haven't built any (contrary to VERY popular belief) and I won't be in charge of them when they are built.

However, you can email the Prime Minister here or, if you're banking on Prince William being in charge of this area, then you can write to him at Clarence House, London SW1A 1BA.

Apparently Starlight Express is coming back. What a waste of time! No-one buys roller skates anymore so they DEFINITELY will NOT pay to see people rollerskating in the west end. I'd have thought a musical where everyone was blogging/texting/branding would be more interesting to most people 'in the know'. As it is, it's rubbish. Don't waste your money.

That said, I LOVED the first show and saw it about five times.

I feel guilty for two reasons:
1) I said I would document everything that I was eating and I haven't.
2) Today I had sausages for breakfast; ham sandwiches for lunch and I've got a pork joint for dinner. That's TOO MUCH pig for one person in a day, I'm sure.

I'm not a dietician so DON'T take this as professional advice though - it could be advisable to eat this amount of pork (and more) in one day. I'll probably have bacon tomorrow and turn into a pig! Ha ha!


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