Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fat and Back

Great news! Something I advised on a few weeks ago has come true!

Over the internet, I advised ITV (or Channel 3 as SOMEONE in our house still calls it) to bring back Cracker if they wanted to keep it's diminshing audience. Well, on Sunday, no-one was more surprised than me to see Cracker is back and just as fat as ever! He's still got it!

I didn't watch the programme as I don't much care for it but I'm glad that ITV can put their troubled past behind them now.

The weather is drizzling today and I had brown toast for breakfast and soup and roll for lunch. (This is a new feature where I chronicle the weather and my dietary intake EVERY day - let me know if you like it!)


Adam said...

How about posting images of your daily bread on flickr?

the online pixie said...

so occasionally other people do comment? Bravo that man!