Friday, September 29, 2006

The Four Cs

Sorry David, I haven't found out how to change entries on my blog so the comments will have to stand for the time being!

Most of you will be aware of the recent uproar about the Christmas lights for Dorking:
"Angry councillors voiced their concern this week at the use of more than £10,000 to fund the Christmas lights display in Dorking."

But have you realised that the REAL question here is how much money should any council be spending on Christmas lights, and when does it become TOO much? (This is called a 'tipping point').

My husband thinks that some lights are good, but too many are bad: a fat lot of help THAT kind of unsupported advice is! Where's the market research?!

The main thing is that the lights are snowproof, in case it snows on them. I hope the council has also budgeted for spare bulbs (mostly red), ladders and drawing pins. How much tinsel would you get for £10,000? I don't know so DON'T ask me.

All this talk of Christmas makes we want to eat Turkey. Yum!

Hang on. When's Halloween? Did I miss it?

Anyway, I hope that solves the council's Christmas coruscation conundrum (or CCCC as I've started calling when we have people round for dinner. It hasn't caught on yet but there's just under three months left so get the word out there, gang!).

Herman want's a breaded pie for dinner but I don't think you can you add breadcrumbs onto pastry. I think he saw Ainsely make one but I don't trust HIS taste at all.

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