Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm down with the children

Everyone old knows that eating burgers is a lot of fun.

But are we doing enough to raise awareness of burger and chips as a FUN alternative to regular food for kids? NO chance. There's a very real possibility that kids are ignoring or avoiding YUMMY food.

And who's getting the finger of blame jabbed in its face for this MASSIVE failure? Advertising, that's who.

Strap in and brace for the impact - here comes the insight-solution.

McDonalds should rebrand as a children's catering company. My key strategy to achieving this is to ditch the nightmarish clown that's plagued their advertising for years. Instead they need to be "down with the children" and get a new brand spokesman. I give you MC Donald:

He's a blinged-out rapper, dropping funky rhymes and full of FLAVA (rap for flavour, which is appropriate in a restaurant context. Inappropriate elsewhere).

He's also got the head of Donald Sinden which gives him a commanding and clear voice with which to disseminate brand messages.

This idea is so hot you could griddle chicken on it, so I DEFINITELY want cash up front this time. I've already contacted Donald Sinden to make sure he doesn't "slag" me on the deal.

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