Monday, August 17, 2009

Can old morons learn new tricks?

Following on from my recent innovations in branded-meat marketing (BMM), no-one has been beating my door down with cash to find out more.

This is understandable as few people (i.e. only me) can FULLY comprehend the significance that branded food has for the advertising industry.

Any place I see left unbranded (eg paving slabs, wardrobes, animals, the sea, etc.) brings a tear to my eye. When will our industry learn that we could be cramming marketing messages in front of people ALL the time? I predict another twelve years at least.

If they read this blog, you can reduce that figure to eight months (seven months for the KEY insights to sink in + a month to do something about it).

The lack of creativity in a supposedly 'creative' industry is staggering and could potentially reach flabberghasting levels unless these old morons can learn some new tricks.

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