Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mrs Belmot's shopping voucher

Shop staff can't be expected to keep up with current or even bygone internet trends (such as blogging and forums), so prey on their ignorance with Mrs Belmot's multi-purpose printable discount voucher:

The great boon is you can use it anywhere AND I've made it a socking great 75% off anything you want. DEFINITE takers include Budgens, River Island, WHSmith and Bennett's garden centre on the B2038. No-one is keen to accept it but they can't argue with the internet.

It's the kind of ROI which name brands can only envisage during fevered dreams or waking hallucinations.

The bacon is back.

1 comment:

guzzus said...

How long is this offer valid for..?? I have also heard of such other discount coupons on Adobe purshases.. They sound good too..?? Have anyone tried any of them..???