Thursday, September 14, 2006

Helping out with Harry Potter

Hi gang!

If you know me then you'll know that I'm a BIG FAN of Harry Potter but I think the movies are full of flaws and holes. Rubbish. I've read all five books and can't wait for the last one. Herman read in the paper the other day (about a month or two ago I think) that JK Rowling doesn't reckon she'll finish the last book until next year. What a wait!

I thought Joanne (I wonder if she'll read this?!!) might appreciate some help from someone who probably knows the books better than herself, so I wrote to her publisher with ten of Janet's best. I'll keep you posted about what she has to say about this. Wouldn't it be brilliant if my suggestions turned up in print! I wouldn't want money for this though, as I am DEFINITELY a fan (albeit a professional one).

"Hello there!

I went to JK Rowling's website and she told me to send this to you.

I hear that JK is struggling to finish the last (or is it?!) Harry Potter book so thought she might value some suggestions from someone with a lot of experience of this sort of thing. I've written out ten of my best suggestions, so I'd be grateful if you could pass them on as soon as possible.

1) Harry should live and become a benevolent god-figure with his Christ-like powers.
2) Hermione should die by falling off a high bit of castle.
3) Ron should live. By accident he could be turned into a girl (maybe in chapter four?) which would resolve the Harry-Hermione-Ron love triangle. See point 2 above.
4) During a magic fight, Hagid could stand in a bucket and catch a spell in the face! Ha ha!
5) Dumbledore should come back to life using magic but then die again later. This would have a lot of emotion unless it was done in a comedy way, but that would be up to you.
6) Voldemort could get killed by a baby - a tragic reversal of how HE killed Harry! This should be saved til the end so no-one sees it coming.
7) Ginny should die, maybe from 'magic' cigarettes. This would send a strong message to children everywhere.
8) It could be Harry and Ginny's baby that kills Voldemort! Yes!
9) If you mention REAL brands like Coke, Sainsburys or endorse celebrity chef books, you could probably get some money for this.

I hope you find this advice great! It's all free - I just want the book QUICK!

All the best from,


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Mrs Belmot said...

Hi gang!

I got an automated response about this already and it's rubbish! Look at this:
***********This is an automated response from***********
Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:
1. When will the 7th book in the series be published, and what will be the title?
We regret to inform you that we do not have that information available as of yet

I know THAT! What a waste of time and cybe-space.