Monday, September 25, 2006

Christmas and MY photoshoot!

It was all go over the weekend. Do you KNOW how close we are to Christmas?? Very!

Thirteen weeks in fact. That's less than a hundred days (which actually sounds like a VERY long time now I see it in print). I must get something good for Pat's eldest this year - it was an impulse buy last year and he clearly didn't like it. The thing is, if you know they'll use it over the course of a year, then buying in bulk is DEFINITELY worth it. I didn't think of the storage aspect though and most of it went off within weeks.

A bad situation and apparently it smelled awful when it began to rot.

Anyway, it was all go this weekend. I cooked chicken in water for my husband which he HATED, so I drained off the water but he refused point blank to get it out of the sink. I ended up doing TWO meals in the end and a lemon meringue pie (not real lemons - you don't know the difference).

Did you know meringue is eggs? Not many people do. You can link to this if you didn't.

Still no sign of my photo, the kaftan or my camera. The sideboard is still where it should be and so is the dog (I hope! I'm not going to dig up the garden to check!) so it's not all doom and gloom though.

If I can find a different picture which I like the look of, I might post that. Or if I find a new kaftan. I think I got it from Jaeger, or it could have been Sue Ryder.

After all my endorsing of Dolci & Gabamma, I might see if they could give me a new kaftan, or even just lend me one for a photoshoot. How glamorous would that be!

Can you imagine ME doing a photoshoot? Just imagine!

They'd also need to lend me a camera too, which isn't really their main business but could be a nice moneyspinner! I wouldn't want to pay for it though. If you work for D&G and are reading this and have a kaftan AND have a camera, then let me know.

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